Jiaji Zhou

Working Experiences

02.09.2015 - Today

Software Engineer, Hulu LLC, 1424 4th Ave #615, Seattle, WA 98101

I currently work in Content Metadata Service team. I mainly work on an orchestration web service written in Nodejs to serve Hulu apps metadata of the shows and videos.

04.14.2014 - 10.03.2014

CTO & Dev Manager, miHoYo, Co. Ltd., 1388 Yishan Rd, Minrun Mansion Building, Xuhui, Shanghai, China, 201103

miHoYo is a mobile game company established in 2012. I joined the team to help the team to grow and make development process more reliable. We created one of the most popular 2.5D shooting games in China called “Guns Girl”, which was the 1st Top Paid game and 9th Top Grossing game in AppStore China.

As Dev Manager, I set up release schedule, drive SCRUM meetings, make project plans and communicate with external partners. As CTO I optimized the development process by introducing Git to replace the old version control system, building up an automated testing framework for backend service, setting up continuous integration to produce official releases, optimizing system architecture to improve performance.

I was also a developer and wrote code to implement game features, such as in-game chatting and a lot of global market integration requirements.

01.27.2014 - 04.14.2014

Senior Software Engineer, eBay Inc., 88 Keyuan Rd, Pudong, Shanghai, China, 201203

I joined PaymentApps team in Managed Marketplace. PaymentApps team owns a part of the whole checkout process and some payment related integration services.

I contributed to the design and implementation of risk challenge system in the “progressive checkout” project. I designed the API interface and sequence diagram based on the architecture document and communicated with checkout team to integrate the service into checkout flow. I introduced AJAX + RESTful API style implementation to the team to replace the original POST back style experience. I also introduced responsive web UI implementation to the team. I was also the code review master in the team to drive code review to achieve better code quality.

05.23.2012 - 01.27.2014

Software Developer III, Electronic Arts, 1158 Jiangning Rd, Putuo, Shanghai, China, 200060

I joined Commerce and Identity team in EA Digital Platform division, which owns the service for billing, entitlement and authentication of EA games.

I was one of the main contributors of the horizontal scaling project. We designed a new data access layer and migrated all data from Oracle 11g to MySQL 5.5 with no downtime. The most important works I did were:

I was awarded the FY13 technical rock star because of the success of the migration project.

03.28.2011 - 05.23.2012

SDE, Microsoft, 999 Zixing Rd, Minhang, Shanghai, China, 200240

I joined Microsoft Commerce Platform after graduation. The projects I worked on:

I was one of the top performers in the team and get promoted in the first year.


09.01.2008 - 03.28.2011
Master in Computer Science in Shanghai Jiao Tong University
09.01.2004 - 07.01.2008
Bachelor in Computer Science in Shanghai Jiao Tong University